Cal Football: Wilcox Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Program

Bears football coach says he is limited in what he can say because of legal issues

On Friday, Cal football coach Justin Wilcox publicly responded for the first time to a Facebook post that appeared on Wednesday in which a woman accused Cal football players and coaches of sexual harassment and negligence.

The university responded with a statement Thursday, and athletic director Jim Knowlton sent a letter to alumni in which he responded to the allegations, also on Thursday. Wilcox's statement came Friday.

A report by California Golden Blogs, which compiled several reports on the incident, laid out the situation.

After the Facebook post became public, the accuser told ESPN in a phone interview that she reached out to Knowlton, Wilcox and other staff members about her experiences last fall, but did not receive a response. This was partly the reason she went public with her story, she said.

She said that a man who threatened to get her fired if she withheld sex from him was a volunteer assistant who is no longer with the program, a source told ESPN. There were other allegations directed at players.

In his comments Friday, Wilcox stated the university's stance on such issues but provided no details, claiming he was forbidden to do so for legal reasons. When asked whether he had been informed of the allegations before the Facebook post appeared, as was suggested by the accuser, Wilcox said that the allegation was reported to the proper authories as soon as the university was made aware of that allegation this week.