Cal Rugby Video: Bears Prepare for Rugby 7s National Championship

Cal coach Jack Clark talks about the difference between rugby 15s and rugby 7s

Cal still has a chance to win a rugby national championship, even though it lost in the rugby 15s national title game to Life University a few weeks go.

Since that defeat the Bears have been transitioning to rugby 7s and will participate in the 7s College Rugby Championships (CRC) in Philadelphia June 1-2.

Cal won the 7s CRC for the fifth straight time in 2017, but played in -- and won -- a different national 7s event last year.

There is considerable differences between rugby 15s, which has 15 players on a side and has 40-minute halves, and rugby 7s, which has only seven players on a side and has seven-minute halves. It is a shorter, all-out sprint. Each team will play three games in pool play on the first day of the 24-team CRC competition, then could play three more the next day.

I am not a rugby expert by any means, but the difference seems to be akin to the difference between NHL teams at full strength and NHL teams playing three-a-side in a regular-season overtime period. Everything is more spread out, allowing for greater action and more scoring opportunities with a greater emphasis on speed and agility.

(Click here for a video of Cal player Chriatian Dyer as he talks about the differences.)