Cal Rugby Video: How Difficult Is the Transition from Rugby 15s to Rugby 7s?

Cal's Christian Dyer (above) discusses differences between the two versions. Bears play in national tournament June 1-2

Cal lost to Life University in the rugby 15s national championship game, but the Bears have a shot at another national tite in rugby 7s.

The Bears have spent the past several weeks transitioning from the rugby game that features 15 players to the one that has just seven players and has seven-minute halves.

The Bears will compete in the two-day, 24-team rugby 7s College Rugby Championships in Philadelphia on June 1 and 2.

(Cal coach Jack Clark addresses the differences in the two games -- rugby 15s and rugby7s.)

Rugby 7s is a shorter and more wide-open game than rugby 15s. Teams play three games in pool play on the first day, then could play three more on the second day of the knock-out round.

Christian Dyer (in the video above) played for Cal in 2017, when it won the 7s College Rugby Championship for the fifth straight time. He discusses the differences in the video.

Cal played in a difference rugby 7s national tourtnament last year, and won it.