Coach Wilks: QB Russell Wilson "can make any and every play."

Coach Steve Wilks Conference Call with Seattle Media

(On if there were any takeaways from the first meeting)

“Well, number one, I think it’s been a while since we played those guys and they’ve gotten so much better over the last couple of weeks. You’re talking about being number one right now running the football. We’ve got to do a great job of stopping the run first.”

(On Josh Rosen’s progression)

“I think he’s progressed quite a bit. Difficulties right now is just dealing with a depleted offensive line in front of him (with) three rookies, but you’ve seen his development. You’ve seen his growth, his maturity, and I think he’s doing a good job.”

(On Russell Wilson)

“I would just say number one, I think he’s at that MVP status with what he’s doing. This guy, to me, he can make any and every play. When I was in Carolina, we used to call him Houdini because he just buys time in the pocket and just comes up with the big play each and every time. We’ve got to do a great job of really trying to contain him when they do throw the football and really trying to plaster the back end, really connecting to receivers.”

(On where the Seahawks have improved since week four’s meeting)

“Really, I think the run game. I think (Chris) Carson does a great job. I think that they’ve committed to running the football and it just shows in the wins that they have. Defensively, I think those guys are steady. You look at Bobby Wagner, (who) is playing at a high level. I think the front four do a good job of controlling the line of scrimmage and defensively, they’re doing a good job as well.”

(On Budda Baker)

“I think Budda is playing well. He was out for a while because he was hurt. He just gives us that spark. A lot of energy, very physical, love the way he blitzes, he can cover – he’s just an all-around player for us but he brings that element of the attitude that I love.”

(On Larry Fitzgerald)

“I would just say he’s a pro’s pro. I mean, I was just talking to our local media here and talking about this guy, right here, week 15 and he’s still diving for balls in the end zone with no pads on just two weeks ago. It goes to show you exactly who he is fifteen years in and he practices just as hard as any rookie. He’s just steady. I think the one word I would say is just Mr. Consistent.”

(On if there is any chance D.J. Swearinger plays on Sunday)

“I don’t want to really put him out there and not have him be successful from an understanding (standpoint), not knowing what to do defensively. We’re going to see. I know the coaches are meeting with him extra, trying to see exactly how much he can retain and I know he can go out there and contribute on special teams so we’re going to see exactly how much he can retain this week.”

(On if Seattle means anything to him after spending a year at the University of Washington)

“You know what, I love the area. It was a great place. It was a blur, but out of all the places we’ve lived, my wife still talks about Seattle so it was definitely an important time when we were there and I love the University of Washington as a whole.”