Coach Wilks: Rams "dynamic on the offensive side of the ball"

Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks reacts on the sideline in the second quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.Photo: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals Head Coach Steve Wilks Conference Call with Los Angeles Media

(On if the Rams are doing anything differently that he can detect since they played them earlier in the season)

"No. I think they're still efficient. It happens at times throughout the year, where you hit that little bump in the road, but they're still dynamic on the offensive side of the ball with all the weapons that they have."

(On how Cardinals QB Josh Rosen has developed over the course of the season)

"I think for the most part, he's progressing. I know the records, the stats may not indicate that. But, the valuable looks that he's getting being in certain situations, I think is very prosperous for him for us moving forward. We've just got to do a much better job up front trying to protect him."

(On what his message is to Rosen in terms of staying the course over the season)

"Well, really, just a young guy like that is understanding how to hit the reset button and not really getting too down on yourself. We emphasize, always, point of emphasis for us trying to protect the football. It's hard to win in this league when you're turning it over. So, we've just got to be more careful with the ball, go through our progressions and if it's not there, look for the check down."

(On something that he has learned from his first season as the Cardinals head coach)

"Well, I think you've got to have, definitely, poise, patience – particularly, based off where we are right now. I think, in other words, you've got to be consistent. Regardless of the record, being consistent with your message and other things that you're trying to get across to the players. So, that's been a point of emphasis with me."

(On how different the Rams will look if RB Todd Gurley II doesn't play)

"Again, I still think they have so many other weapons around (QB Jared) Goff. But, (RB Todd) Gurley (II), to me, is what helps this offense go. You've got to have a great running game, which is going to build off your play-action. So, I would say when (WR Cooper) Kupp went out as well – another great, dynamic receiver – that was a loss for those guys. I think (WR Robert) Woods has stepped up tremendously and we know what (WR Brandin) Cooks brings to the table."