Top 10 OTs heading into the 2019 season

Ranking the top 10 Offensive Tackles heading into the 2019 NFL season.

I going through position by position and ranking the Top 10 of each heading into the 2019 season. Below are the position groups I've already graded.
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Top 10 OTs:

1. Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys

Tyron is one of the most gifted OTs we have even seen. Coming out of college he had an unreal wing span with 36" arms and was one of the most athletic. Since joining the league, Smith has hit the weight room, gaining roughly 30lbs of muscle and has some of the strongest hands in the league. He has only given up just 18 quarterback sacks over the last seven seasons, and just six total in the last three years.

Doug Farrar of USA Today said this of Tyron, "Never mind the left tackle position — you’d be hard-pressed to find a better and more consistent technician among NFL blockers at any spot than Smith. He kick-slides perfectly, he extends his arms with a jolt that keeps opposing defenders from entering the pocket and getting the upper hand on him, and when he gets set in his base, he’s just about impossible to counter because he’s so good with his hands and he knows how to use his ridiculous wingspan. Agility and flexibility allow him to jump gaps seamlessly. And as a run-blocker, he simply envelops his targets — at 6-5 and 320 pounds, he makes defensive tackles look like linebackers and defensive ends look like safeties."

2. David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers

When you’re blocking for Aaron Rodgers’ blindside, you know you are going to have to sustain your block for a while, and few do that as well as Bakhtiari. He is a great technician with his footwork and PFF has him with a 92.3 pass-blocking grade is tops in the NFL in 2018. Bakhtiari has graded over 90.0 in that regard for three straight seasons now.

3. Trent Williams, Washington Redskins

Williams has missed nine games over the last three seasons with injuries, and he’s played hurt when he could, which makes his performance level all the more impressive. In 792 snaps last season, he allowed one sack, nine quarterback hits and 20 quarterback hurries, and maintained his outstanding run-blocking as a true physical presence.  Williams brings outstanding technique to the field, but much like Tyron Smith, what really sets him apart is a combination of raw strength and a nasty streak.

4. Terron Armstead, New Orleans Saints

In a high-volume passing game like the Saints’, the offensive tackles had better be able to pass-protect from down to down on a highly consistent basis. Armstead is the key to the Saints o-line.   Armstead’s game is all about using his speed and quickness off the snap to negate his opponent’s burst to get to the pocket. He gets into his stance quickly off an agile kick-slide, and he can “catch” a defender just as easily as he can extend his arms and set the tone.

5. Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles

Lane Johnson is possibly the only OT to be a 3-sigma athlete, he's that special in terms of athletic testing out of college. While Johnson can get push back by stronger ends  from time-to-time in pass protection, he’s strong enough to keep his base and strength about him. And in the run game, he’s an old-school mauler who loves to pinch inside and move defensive tackles right out of the gap. Johnson has become one of the best right tackles in the league today. 

6. Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams

Whitworth was involved in 1,246 snaps last season, allowing just five sacks, four quarterback hits and 25 quarterback hurries, adding outstanding run-blocking along the way. The veteran will use his understanding of angles and leverage to erase the defender, allowing skill-position players to do their thing.

7. Mitchell Schwartz, Kansas City Chiefs

Schwartz in 1,178 total snaps last season, allowed four sacks, eight quarterback hits and 14 quarterback hurries, and put up solid tape when run-blocking as well. He’s such a good technician, he can catch defenders through the arc and into the pocket, work them from side to side as they try counters, and bull them out with his arms. One of the league's best right OTs.

8. Ronnie Stanley, Baltimore Ravens

Stanley was asked to change up the blocking style half way through the year when Lamar Jackson took over at QB. Despite the change, in 1,144 snaps last season, Stanley allowed just two sacks, two quarterback hits and 14 quarterback hurries, and his run-blocking was top-notch.  Stanley comes to it with great mobility out of the snap and tremendous upper-body strength that allows him to deal with premier edge rushers snap after snap.

9. Joe Staley, San Francisco 49ers

Joe Staley was San Francisco’s first-round pick in 2007. He has developed from a raw prospect out of Central Michigan into one of the most reliable tackles in the league, especially in the pass-blocking department. He hasn’t allowed more than four sacks in a season in five of the last six years. Staley comes out of his stance quickly and with a straight-back backpedal that allows him to handle pass rushers from either side. 

10. Duane Brown, Seattle Seahawks

Last season, Brown allowed four sacks, two quarterback hits and 17 quarterback hurries in 1,122 total snaps, and his run blocking was a big part of Seattle’s turnaround in that department. At 6 feet 4 and 315 pounds, Brown has the quickness and agility to mirror any pass rusher through the arc, and he’s smart enough to know when the change of direction is coming.

Just missed the cut: 
Taylor Lewan, Tennessee Titans
Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans Saints
Rob Havenstein, Los Angeles Rams
Alejandro Villanueva, Pittsburgh Steelers
Jake Matthews, Atlanta Falcons

What do you think of my Top 10 OTs? Am I missing anyone you would've included? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi

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