Top 10 WRs heading into the 2019 season

Ranking the top 10 wide receivers heading into the 2019 season.

This week we have ranked the Top 10 QBs and the Top 10 RBs entering the 2019 season. . Today we look at the ten best WRs. 

Top 10 WRs:

1. Julio Jones - Julio Jones has it all; Size, speed, route running and separation, catching in traffic ability, jump ball, deep threat and run after the catch ability, you name it. Julio is as near a perfect specimen you can ask for a the WR position. He is starting to get up there with age, but still is the most complete WR for the last several years. 

2.  Odell Beckham Jr. - Beckham is the master of the unbelievable catches. His catch vs the Cowboys probably comes to everyones mind. Odell, like Julio, can create easy separation with his speed, quickness and route running. He an acrobat when adjusting to the balling in the air. Has huge hands that can haul in nearly everything throw his was. Put up great numbers despite playing with a below average offense and QB. Should have a better season with Baker Mayfield throwing him the balls now. 

3. Tyreek Hill - Tyreek Hill just plays at an unworldly type speed defenders have trouble with. He's like the Steph Curry of the NFL. He opens the field for the entire team being one of the best deep threats we have seen in recent memory, which opens up everything under near for teammates. Hill has great stop start quickness acceleration too, which makes him one of the leagues best punt returners. When he has the ball in his hands, watch out.  

4. DeAndre Hopkins - Hopkins is a physical specimen. He might not win with speed and quickness like the others above him but he might have the best hands we have seen from a WR since the prime days of Larry Fitzgerald.  Hopkins wasn't credited for a single drop last season, catching all of his "catch-able" targets according to PFF. Hopkins uses his larger frame to box-out and not allow defenders to the ball and is one of the premier jump ball receivers in the game. 

5. Amari Cooper - Cooper doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's one of the best route runners in the entire league. Cooper is 6'1" 210lbs and ran in the 4.3s. He doesn't put up the same type of fantasy numbers as others in better offenses but he's a top 5 talent as far as a receiver goes. He's the "poor-man's" Julio/Odell right now until he puts up a crazy stat line that could even come this year when he just turned 25 years of age.  PFF's has him one of the top receivers every year in yards per route run. He's been very efficient despite playing on some poor offensive teams. On Dallas, he recorded a 135.6 passer rating when targeted and lead the league with a 156.0 passer rating when targeted on slant routes.   

6. Michael Thomas - Thomas is a great possession big wr. Standing at 6'3 and 210+, Thomas and Brees have an uncanny chemistry on where to be within the zones. Thomas is a polished route runner and knows how to get open and where to be to move the chains. He might not be a deep threat or homerun hitter, but he gets the hard 3rd down plays. Similar to Hopkins, Thomas uses his large frame to shield defenders from the ball. Thomas had one of the highest passer ratings when targeted, but it does help getting thrown to by future HOF'er Drew Brees.    

7. Antonio Brown - Brown has always been know for being one of the leagues best route runners. Despite his small stature, he's been able to produce some crazy stats with his time with Big Ben in Pittsburgh. He uses is quickness and route running suave to create the needed separation. Brown is one of the better run after the catch receivers and also good on screen plays. Brown isn't a burner, but he can still threaten the defense deep on good double moves or when plays break down he seems to always know where to be.   

8. Mike Evans - Evans is a 6ft 5in deep threat that ran a 4.43 40yd dash a the combine. He has played with sub-par quarterbacks over his time in the NFL and still put up relatively good numbers. Like Tyreek, Evans threatens defenses exposure deep down the field and allows for easier opportunities elsewhere. Evans has also been a pretty good jump ball receiver as he should for towering over defenders. 

9. Adam Thielen - Adam Thielen is an athletic freak, testing in the 90% in the SPARQ.  He always has reminded me of Cowboys WR Miles Austin. Both are twitched up explosive athletes that won with route running and yards after the catch.  Thielen really made his name known that last two season where he's combine for 204 catches, for 2,649 yards and 13 touchdowns. 

10. Stefon Diggs - Diggs is on his way to being one of the best route runners in the game . He wins in many of the same ways AB does, but does it with a lightly larger frame. He possesses great quickness, acrobatic body control and great hands. With the Vikings having some pass protection issues in front of Kirk Cousins, Diggs had to be more of a shorter-route receiver last season, with his 102 receptions adding up to 1,021 yards and nine TDs. His speed and downfield flair should come into play more often during his age-26 season. 

Just missed the cut: 11. AJ Green, 12. Devante Adams, 13. TY Hilton, 14. Keenan Allen, 15. JuJu Smith-Schuster

What do you think of my Top 10 WRs? Am I missing anyone you would've included? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi

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Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi

I would like to see A.J. Green on this list. I know he hasn't been healthy, but easily top 10 IMO when he is.