Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley: “It’s an exciting week for all of us."

Chargers DC Gus Bradley addresses the media before practice.

Opening Statement:

Its an exciting week for all of us with the players getting back. We got down to 53 [men on the roster] and really focused our attention in on Kansas City. Theyre a very potent offense when you look at them the skill set they have, the speed they have on offense, the running back, the offensive line, the tight ends position. So it's a very challenging week for us. We've had the ability last year, going with our system, you know, in the offseason, to take a look at them, but its a really good task. The quarterback [Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes], I think he has a chance to be really good. I think if you look at the history of [Chiefs Head] Coach [Andy] Reid's offenses, the quarterbacks have really thrived in it. His [Reids] system, I think, fits his [Mahomes] skill set very well. Like I said, we're looking forward to the opportunity.

On scouting Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

You look at it, you always you go back to college. I find preseason and the Denver game [he started last year]. You look at his decision-making and how he operates and is he a guy that takes off on a run, can he extend plays? How does he handle different looks? So you go back to college. You look at his preseason games, that Denver game, any film you can get your hands on.

On finding relevant film on Mahomes:

It is challenging. I wouldn't say all the staff members are doing it. I think, for me in the offseason and during camp there are be times you just watch a game, check him out and then maybe pull some clips out. Then, maybe put together a cut-up of his style and what he looks like. The coaches and players may look at.

On CB Trevor Williams:

Well, I mean, he's a guy that's been proven to us. He's a guy that's played really well for us last year and understands what we're looking for. You like to have guys practice all the time and play, but I think with him, he understands it. Now it's just a matter of conditioning and getting back in the routine of things, but fortunately we've had him this week.

On Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill:

It's like a punt returner [with his speed] every time he touches the ball because when he has a chance to operate in space, he's very dangerous. He can take the top off the defense. There are so many ways that he can attack you. They try to give him the ball as much as possible in those situations. So you have to have great awareness where he is, but they have so many skilled players that you could be looking at the whole formation and see a good skill set.

On the lowering the helmet rule:

Yeah, it's been challenging. You know the great thing about it is the NFL officials have been in our building multiple times for our practices with the Saints and then they had another three days with us, and then OTAs. So we utilize that time to have them come in there in meetings especially with the coaches and we would show them cutups of plays, just to try to help us understand the rule. So I think we have a better understanding. I think there's still some [where you go], Really, that's a penalty? Some questions like that that are in there, but they've done a really good job helping us kind of facilitate through this.

On a change in mindset heading into the regular season:

Well, I think we tell them the same thing. We haven't told them, Hey now it's in the regular season, you might be able to get away with this. We haven't had that conversation with them at all. It's more that we've been really teaching the techniques all the way through really all through last year we taught them. I think we emphasized it more in OTAs and even the hits on the quarterback how to hit a quarterback and those things. So we've just kind of continued that same mindset regardless of if it's preseason or regular season.

On paying attention to an officiating crews history:

You do in [their] past, but it's such preseason is really how many of these will this team call? You might look at the stats in the preseason, but I think it's more about us. We know if we have our head up and we tackle the way we've been talking about since OTAs and last year, we'll be in good shape, you know? Let's not put [ourselves] it in a position where we have to leave it the officials to make a call.

On RB Kareem Hunt:

He's challenging because he can, in tight quarters, make plays. The way their system operates, he has a lot of opportunity to have some runs in the open field and that's where it's challenging with some of these RPOs that they're doing. So, I mean, he's a very talented back, but it is a challenge because the weapons they have on the perimeter and his style of run. So we had to have a plan as far as tackling for him. He's a guy that I think he's one of the top running backs in the league for yards after contact. He's strong, fast and he has the ability we saw it last year where he can break it at any time.

On practice squad WR Dylan Cantrells history with Mahomes:

That's a good I should be talking to Dylan. I didn't know that part. I talked to everybody else. I think what we see on tape, you know I think we mostly go by that. The NFL is such a different game and some of the things that they're asked to do aren't the same things they ask them to do in college. When we watch college or some of the preseason games, things like that, it's just more his style of play. Is he [Hall of Fame QB] Brett Favre? Is he a guy that will lose the pocket and tries to extend the play or looking to run? [Washington QB] Alex Smith would take off try to get yardage on his feet, where Patrick is a guy that will more extend the play and look downfield. It's more those things we're trying to find about them.

On the defensive rookies in game planning meetings:

I think it's a big difference. They're getting a lot of information. Our coaching staff I say coaching staff, I'm talking about our other assistant coaches they do a great job. We have a lot of information, but [they have] the ability to pare it down and not overload our players. We always tell our players we will put in things. We will put in adjustments, but never at the extent that where we lose playing fast. So I think you have to kind of watch those guys and make sure that you're not overloading them, especially this early in the season.

On his goals for the rookies:

Really, just that they play fast. You know, like now they're getting this information, but they'll trust that by the time we get to Sunday, hopefully they're not thinking and just reacting. So if we get them to where they really trust what they're doing and then play fast but there's going to be some challenges they're going to face throughout the game and there's going to be a learning curve. There's going to be some mistakes that are made. Just like every game, but hopefully with their athleticism, they make some plays as well.

On the rookies saying the preseason games werent as fast as they thought theyd be:

They might say something different after this game. Ask them after this game. You know what, I think when you go into preseason it's really for us really fundamentals. It's really just going out there. That's what we're preaching all four preseason games. So it slowed down because I'm just concentrating on that. Well, now they're getting information added onto them, and so hopefully they do play fast. Hopefully they say those same things, but there's a lot of moving parts to it and a lot of things going on.

On the defensive line:

Well, you know, I think with the [DE] Joey [Bosa] situation, I'm not sure where he is. He was limited yesterday. So we'll find out more, but I think whenever anybody's like that you always have to have plans for them. A guy like Isaac Rochell has done a nice job for us. He got a lot of reps in the preseason and we're pretty high where he is. Now, Ike [Rochell] was going to play anyway. So I think that as a defense we feel pretty strongly about the guys that we have in place. I know there's a lot of times in preseason our second group played well at times. So that's what we're trying to do is build a lot of depth so we can rotate a lot of guys. That defensive line, hopefully there's eight guys playing for this game and really from this game on. So they'll have a chance to play and rotate and we'll go.

On DE Isaac Rochell:

No, Ike was going to play. I wouldn't be able to tell you right now how many [snaps].

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