Future Hall of Famers on the Chargers Roster

Sporting News recently went team-by-team and listed all of the potential Hall-of-Famers from each team along with estimated odds each player has of being immortalized in Canton.

The Los Angeles Chargers currently have ten representatives in the Hall of Fame, but how many more can we expect from the players on the current roster? Sporting news recently took a stab at determining how players from each team have Hall of Fame hopes and their corresponding likelihood. So, let's take a look at potential future Charger Hall of Famers and see if Sporting News got it right.

Philip Rivers - 100% Chance

According to Sporting News, Philip Rivers is a lock to make the Hall of Fame. If you read my article from last month, you would already know that I agree. So, there really isn't anything more to be said on this one. If you want to know my thoughts, read the article.

Mike Pouncey - 60% Chance

Pouncey was given a better-than-average chance of getting into the Hall. While his career up until last year was not spent with the Chargers, Pouncey has the chance to cement his legacy as an all-time great in Los Angeles.

I think 60% is a little high for Pouncey. He has four Pro-Bowls, but his most recent one with the Chargers is his only Pro-Bowl season in which he started all 16 games. I think he needs to have a strong second half of his career to get in, but that should be manageable as offensive lineman are less inhibited by Father Time.

Thomas Davis - 50% Chance

Thomas Davis, like Pouncey, has, up until this point, made his Hall of Fame case with another team. Unlike Pouncey, Davis' time in Los Angeles will probably have no impact at all on his HOF resume. He's already played fourteen NFL seasons. One or two more won't move the needle - unless he's playing at an all-pro level. He has gotten better with age. He made the Pro-Bowl in three of his last four seasons - with one of those being an all-pro. So anything can happen.

Like I said, unless Davis logs a couple more Pro-Bowl seasons, his resume will look rather weak compared to many of his peers. He's certainly a Hall of Fame person. Just not a Hall of Fame player.

Casey Hayward - 40% Chance

Casey Hayward has established himself as one of the league's best corners. After beginning his career as an outstanding slot corner in Green Bay, his career really took off with Chargers.

That 40% number sounds right. Hayward is going to need to string some great seasons together while showing more consistency in taking the ball away.

Joey Bosa - 20% Chance

There is little doubt that, when healthy, Joey Bosa is one of the leagues best pass rushers. Through his first 33 games, Bosa has 28.5 sacks. His weakness has been his health. He has missed significant time in two of his three seasons, including more than half of 2018.

If Bosa is going to get a yellow jacket, he's going to have to stay on the field. Assuming he can put the injuries behind him, I'd bet on him (especially at 20% odds).

Melvin Ingram - 20% Chance

Ingram has developed into a solid pass rusher - logging back-to-back Pro-Bowl seasons. However, it took him three seasons to become a regular starter.

If Ingram wants enshrined in Canton, he's going to need to make up for those lost seasons early in his career with some highly-productive campaigns into his mid 30s.

Derwin James - 20% Chance

Derwin James was one of the best defensive players in football last season, and I expect him to only get better. I imagine these 20% odds reflect his youth and unpredictable nature of a long football career moreso than it does his talent. Even still, 20% feels low to me. 

Anyone who watched James last season saw a Hall of Fame talent and the only realistic thing that can disrupt that legacy for James would be injury. I get that James is only entering his second season, but, again, if this were Vegas I'd be all over this bet.

Melvin Gordon - 15% Chance

This one has probably dropped lower with recent developments. There is a strong likelihood that Gordon will not be a Charger this season. So, speculating on whether or not he, as a Charger, is a Hall of Famer, may be a moot point.

With that said, I agree with the 15% odds for Gordon. He has been a great back, but injuries have derailed him from being in the conversation as an all-time great. Also, being as that he is already at the peak of his career, it is unlikely much will change in that regard.

All-in-all eight players on the roster that are worthy of Hall of Fame consideration is impressive. I do feel that Bosa and James got shortchanged on their odds, but they have plenty of time to increase them.

Start a conversation: If you had to bet right now, which Charger would you put your money on making the Hall of Fame (not counting Rivers)?

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I would add Derwin James and Keenan Allen.


Yep, the ones you mentioned are pretty obvious, but to insure it they need to win a super bowl.


Finally some reprieve from all the Gordon news! Lol