Tyreke Hill Will Not Receive Discipline from the NFL

Based upon the history of recent NFL suspensions, it felt like a foregone conclusion that Tyreke Hill would miss at least some games in 2019. The NFL has announced today that this will not be the case - as their decision is to not levy discipline on Hill.

After an April recording surfaced in which Kansas City Chiefs' star receiver Tyreke Hill is accused by his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, of abusing their 3-year old son, many in the sports world began speculating on when (even if) Hill would play football in the NFL again. Today the NFL answered those questions - it will be week 1 against the Jaguars.

This comes as a shocker after suspensions have been levied against players in the past despite criminal investigations into allegations against those players proving fruitless. After another, more complete, release of the before mentioned audio came out in which Hill denies the abuse, the case against Hill got weaker. We then had a denial from Hill that didn't exist in the original recording. Even with the new developments, I thought there was enough information for the NFL to continue with the precedent of suspending a player for conduct detrimental to the NFL.

In 2015, Hill plead guilty for punching and choking Espinal, who was pregnant with the 3-year old boy in question.

Here is the NFL's full statement on Tyreke Hill:

The statement says that the decision is based upon a lack of evidence proving Hill caused the injuries to the child. I have no problem with the NFL having a policy that defers to evidence before making a disciplinary decision. The problem is that this has not been the precedent. The most recent example is Ezekiel Elliot, who was suspended by the NFL for domestic abuse even though a criminal investigation found equally inconclusive evidence.

I have a feeling the NFL will receive some well-earned backlash for this decision in what will be a prime example of yet another inconsistent application of their disciplinary policy.

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I also recall the suspension of Ben Rothlesberger for sexual assault. This was investigated and proven false.