Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks - Game Day Predictions

Kansas City has a chance to clinch the AFC West for the third straight season with a win on Sunday night.

Before the game even kicks off the Chiefs know that they can clinch a first round bye with a win on Sunday night. This game will not be pretty for the Chiefs but it is a game that they should be able to win. Seattle will be a tough test with the way they run the ball but the question is can they keep up with the Chiefs offense. In the end this week doesn’t matter for the Chiefs getting the number one seed with the Chargers loss. Good teams finish a season strong and that would include a winning streak.

Each week we will ask several analysts from around Kansas City and the NFL to see how they think the Chiefs game will end up on Sunday.

Ryan Tracy – 11-3 – Chiefs will struggle against the run in Seattle. Continue to play action pass will keep them ahead of the Seahawks. Chiefs pulling out in a tough atmosphere. Chiefs 28, Seahawks 24

Mark Schofield – 12-2 - Been picking with the Chiefs all season, so call this one just a hunch. Chiefs 17, Seahawks 24

Carrington Harrison – 11-3 - Early in the week, I won’t lie I thought Seattle would win but over the course of the week, seeing how down I thought KC was on this team + Vegas still believing in them turned me around. We are talking about one 2pt conversion away from the 1 seed. I’ll roll with a top 5 team in the league. Chiefs 31, Seahawks 21

Seth Keysor – 11-3 The Seahawks have a lowkey bad defense this season, and everyone is ignoring that because they're Seattle. Russ Wilson scares me, a lot, but ultimately running the ball is a useless way to beat the Chiefs unless you've got a great defense (like the Ravens). Chiefs 37, Seahawks 27

Matt Derrick – 9-5 - The Seahawks want to slow the tempo, and they've been effective at doing that, especially at home. The Chiefs offense hasn't been as efficient the last few weeks, and they continue to find themselves in close games. This game should come down to the wire, and might be decided simply by who has the ball last. But the Chiefs are the more complete team and should pull this win out at the end. Chiefs 31, Seahawks 28

Reagan Creswell – 11–3 - Mahomes starts rolling early, throws for 300+ and 3 TDs. Defense gives up over 150 rushing, but limits Wilson in the passing game, gets a big stop in the 4th quarter to put the game on ice. Chiefs 31, Seahawks 27

Mike Renner – 10-4 – Chiefs 30, Seahawks 21

Chris Clark – 11-3 – With the chance to clinch the AFC West on Sunday night the Chiefs will come out swinging early. I fully expect the offense to be better than it has been the past three games. The defense must be more aggressive, but it shouldn’t matter as the Chiefs are the better team in this game. Chiefs 42, Seahawks 30