Clemson baseball RPI Notes ahead of Coastal Carolina game:

As the Tigers close in on their final four games before the ACC Tournament, every game becomes "must wins" for the Tigers' NCAA hopes.

Tonight's game against Coastal Carolina is a perfect example. The Tigers enter tonight's game with an RPI of 39. A win tonight would give the Tigers a boost of 28 points in their RPI, not enough to overtake Nebraska--who is currently 40 points ahead of the Tigers--on their own, but would definitely help.

A loss by the Tigers would be even more devastating, as it would cost the Tigers 28 points and drop them from No. 39 to No. 44.

These projections do not take into account the other games (indirect impact games) that can have an effect on the Tigers, and are purely based on their direct impact game, but hopefully everyone can grasp the magnitude of every game right now.