Auburn '20 Commit Trenton Simpson (OLB) Highlights and Evaluation

Auburn Nabbed Up One Of The Best OLB's In The Nation - North Carolina's 2nd Best Prospect

A former running back, Simpson has the speed and vision necessary to succeed nearly anywhere on the field. He made the switch to OLB after talking with his coach about his future in the sport at higher levels. They came to the conclusion that he could have more long term success if he moved over to defense.

We talked about longevity, what's going to get me to the next level, and what schools would fit me at that LB spot

The decision payed off with a plethora of D1 offers, (although Simpson likely could play any big skill position he wants to).

Simpson is headed to the big bad SEC to showcase his football talents at Auburn University. Simpson's 6'3 220 pound frame will bode well for his role in Auburn's 3-4 and sub packages.


Athleticism - You don't get 4-stars next to your name without being a top tier athlete. He's got loose hips and looks comfortable in the underneath zones. He has experience from the safety position dropping down into the underneath zones, and dropped back into the hook from a traditional 3-4 OLB position. He can and has, destroyed offensive gameplans from anywhere on the field.

Tackling - A heavy hitter that also wraps up! Every coach's dream!

Speed - As a former running back, he's got speed to spare. He could give the offense a head-start on a toss play and still beat them to the boundary.

Anybody that's played running back for awhile will tell you - the RB position forces you to use your eyes and make split second decisions based on a defender's movement. This same sort of eye training is relevant all over the football field, but exceedingly so when playing OLB.

As OLB, your job requirements can range from block shedding, zone coverage, and even the occasional man-man. But this is usually dependent on whether or not it's a run or pass, which is why quick diagnoses of each play is necessary. Simpson is superb in his play recognition, and shows outstanding effort to make the tackle every time the ball is snapped.

Positional Fit

He projects well as a weak-side 3-4 OLB that can move to ILB on sub packages. He's got the height and weight to play on the line (assuming he grows from 220), and is no stranger to violence when he's setting the edge for Mallard Creek High.

Im confident in his ability to play in space, which drives his value up significantly. All in all, a great snag for the War Eagles.

Auburn's 2020 class is steady rockin' with eight 4-star prospects, good for 14th in the nation, yet just 6th in the SEC.

Saban's Crimson Tide have signed an astounding 14 4-stars, along with a couple 5-stars.