Maryland Men's Basketball remains at No. 17 in the latest AP Top 25 poll

Andy Kwong

In a somewhat surprising update from the latest AP Top 25 poll, Maryland stays at No. 17.

The Terrapin's unbeaten record at home and their winless record away balances out to the point where no changes needed to be made. 

Maryland still needs to find a way to translate their home success on the road. They were embarrassed and overwhelmed by Iowa, Penn State, Seton Hall, and Wisconsin.

It starts with Anthony Cowan Jr and Jalen Smith. Cowan, especially, struggled mightily in most of Maryland's four losses.

Game 11 (@Penn State): 5-17(.294) 16 points

Game 12 (@Seton Hall): 3-14(.214) 16 points

Game 16 (@Iowa): 2-10(.200) 9 points

Game 17 (@Wisconsin): 6-14(.428) 16 points

If Cowan can get going early in games, he would be a very difficult player to slow down. The Terrapin's offense runs through Cowan. If he struggles, Maryland is likely to lose.

Maryland will have an opportunity to break their winless record on the road when they travel to Evanston, Illinois to take on Northwestern on Tuesday. 

As for other changes in the AP poll, Baylor (15-1) becomes the new No. 1 team as Gonzaga (20-1) falls to No. 2. Kansas (14-3) makes its return to the top five as they move up to No. 3. San Diego State (19-0) and Florida State (16-2) round out the top five teams in the rankings. Two previously unranked Big Ten teams made their way into the poll as Iowa (13-5) is No. 19 as Rutgers (14-4) is No. 24.