Kicking Woes Continue, Canes Get Embarrassed, Lose in OT to Georgia Tech 28-21!

Special Teams and missed tackles hurt Canes as they get embarrassed by a bad 1-5 Georgia Tech. Canes lose 28-21 in OT!

Where do we begin? Was it the 3 missed field goals? What about the missed tackles or the bad red zone play-calling? Maybe it was giving up a touchdown on a fake punt, in which you lined up in PUNT SAFE FORMATION! Any way you look at it, the Miami Hurricanes are not a very good football team at the moment. From the looks of it, it does not look like it will get much better any time soon.

We were duped! Well, some fans were. Many thought that after last week's win, the Canes were on the right track. Think again.

Good teams lose to bad teams all the time in college football. Virginia was a pretty good team, Miami was not. Miami beat Virginia last week. Illinois beat a very good Wisconsin team today. Bad beating good, it happens.

Miami is bad. But this bad?

Let's take a look at the "OK", the "terrible", and the "hideous" from today debacle vs. Georgia Tech:

The OK

Cam Harris - Cam Harris took over for Deejay Dallas in the first half after Dallas went down with an apparent leg injury. Harris ran hard all day, as usual, and finished with 18 carries for 136 yards. He also caught 3 balls for 31 yards and a touchdown. Very nice day for Harris.

Trevon Hill - Hill had one of his best performances for the Canes. He constantly pressured the GT quarterback and finished the game with 2 TFL's, 1 sack and 1 PBU. Although he had a great game, he was not too pleased with the questioning during post-game interviews:

Shaq Quarterman - Shaq also had a hell of a game today, finishing the game with 13 total tackles, 1 sack, and a fumble recovery. Shaq after the game says, “Make no mistake, the locker room will always stay together.”

The Terrible

The Canes missed 3 field goals! 3 FIELD GOALS! Did I say that loud enough?

The most impressive thing about it was that they needed two kickers to miss three kicks. Not one kicker - no, no, no - two kickers. Pathetic! It's clear that neither Turner Davidson nor Bubba Baxa is the answer. “They are who we have. We do not have free agency.” says coach Diaz during his post-game interview. Yeah, no kidding coach.

You get a missed tackle! And you get a missed tackle!

Missed tackles everywhere! That was the theme throughout the game for the Canes defense. Tackling was abysmal all day long, including in overtime. canes gave up a long run on the second play in overtime, subsequently setting up the winning score on the following play.

The Canes give up a fake punt touchdown when they set up in a PUNT SAFE FORMATION! Absolutely unacceptable. DJ Ivey, who had a terrible game, decides to let the wideout run right passed him. The punter for GT throws a dime and they score! That is all i need to say about that. Have a look:

The Hideous

We lost to a 1-5 Georgia Tech team! 1-5! How embarrassing is that? Playing "down" to your competition is not an acceptable excuse. Ever! If you are more talented than the team you are playing, there is no reason to lose the game. So either you are more talented or not. And if you are and you lose, that's on both the coaches and players. Coaches should have their team ready to play and players should execute. Poor red zone play-calling and lack of execution led to 0 points on two red-zone drives. Unacceptable!

At the start of the fourth quarter I look over to the Georgia Tech huddle and they were all fired up, then I turn my attention to the Canes huddle and I see players moping around and disinterested. Again, unacceptable. Don't talk to me about "the standard" anymore. No one wants to hear it.

Ryan Ragone? Who? Why is a walk-on playing meaningful minutes in a tight game? That should never happen. Ragone stepped in once Mike Pinckney went out with an injury. Lack of depth or not, you had Sam Brooks sitting on the bench while Ragone was out there. Manny Diaz says that the reason it was Ragone over Brooks was that Brooks is the backup middle linebacker and Ragone plays the WILL. Again, on what planet is Ryan Ragone a better WILL than Sam Brooks.

Once again WR Jeff Thomas was suspended for violating team rules. At this point, his transferring to Illinois doesn't seem like a bad thing after all. He has been a complete disappointment all season. The kid needs to get his mind right before stepping on the field again, in my opinion.

Season's Over

This team feels more like a 1-5 program than the 3-4 program it is. It is the first time since 1997 that the Canes are 3-4.

A poll came out earlier in the week that showed who had a chance to win the ACC Coastal. Miami was not even on the page. You can forget about the ACC. At this point, you may want to forget about a bowl game. Coach Diaz went as far as to say that this is clearly a rebuilding year. Wasn't so clear at the beginning of the season.

The Canes head to Pittsburgh next weekend to face the talented and tough 5-2 Pittsburgh Panthers. Ouch!

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Go Canes!