Loyalty is key for Hurricanes to Rebound

Loyalty tested in many directions for the Hurricanes.

Much has been said about the Miami Hurricanes disappointing 3-4 start to this football season, almost all of it negative.

Granted, the program has brought much of the criticism upon itself. This turbulent time has caused fractures amongst the team and the fanbase.

Adversity can galvanize and strengthen, or it can sever beyond repair.

From players using the transfer portal like other college kids use Uber.

To fans and media alike calling for firings from Athletic Director Blake James to offensive line coach Butch Barry.

It has been a campaign short on substance, a listless journey through mediocre ACC competition.

Perhaps if Manny Diaz can stabilize the foundation that is the defense, the rest of the team will follow along.

Perhaps if Dan Enos would utilize the great talent at the skill position properly, the offense will get out of its own way.

Week after week we have asked the same questions.

Changes have to and will be made, but that should not happen now.

It is actually possible that the Hurricanes can turn it around and salvage a disappointing season, end the year with encouraging signs of progress.

Keep their future recruiting classes committed and their current players engaged.

To do so they will need to close ranks, look within at the man next to them and decide.

Do I want to be here?

It is not anyone’s place to tell these players where to play, that is for them to figure out.

Those that want to be here can be the core of something special.

For any fan of the Hurricanes mixed emotions are the standard.

Weekly hype and hope leading up to Saturday.

It is why we get up early and show up when the temps near triple digits for a noon kickoff.

Sometimes that hope is justified, Miami beat a solid Virginia team after all.

Other times that hope is futile, hello Georgia Tech.

Either way, hope is beautiful and should be experienced and shared.

So hang on to the hope every week, sometimes you just may be right.

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