Rutgers 'Puppies' Respond Well in Loss to Ohio State

Kristian Dyer

Rutgers showed plenty of fight on Saturday afternoon, losing to No. 2 Ohio State 56-21. And while the scoreline isn’t necessarily flattering, for a program that has lost by a lot more to powerhouses in recent years, it was a step forward. 

And the Scarlet Knights didn’t just show their backbone on the field, but up in the press box as well. 

Prior to the game, Barstool Sports pushed a video on their social media channels of puppies running out of a gate, likening it to Rutgers running out the tunnel to face Ohio State. Barstool is known as an irreverent site that combines satire and humor with sports and pop culture. About the most serious thing on the site is the pizza review by founder David Portnoy. 

Senior Associate Athletics Director for Communications at Rutgers, Kevin Lorincz, tweeted out a response to Barstool. In it, he defended the program which put up a decent (and better than expected) battle against a team that is clearly among the best in the country. In showing some grit, Rutgers became just the second team this season to score three touchdowns on the Buckeyes. 

As part of his response, Lorincz tweeted that “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. These “puppies” showed a lot of heart against a downright powerhouse and will get bigger and stronger.” 

Perhaps it is time for Barstool to go across the river and try some Jersey pizza. There might be a good place or two around Rutgers for starters.