"Other" Major Index Follows Rankman lead with top three: Ohio State, LSU, Bama

Chris Dufresne

The first release of the College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday was as predictable as an SEC coach saying the winless SEC team his team is about to face “might be the best team we’ll see all year.” The only drama of the first CFP was the order and even that wasn’t interesting given it’s only going to hold until Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. That’s when the loser of LSU at Alabama will likely drop out of the top four. Rankman, who has been rearranging college football teams since 1996, filed his weekly National Football Foundation Super 16 ballot on Saturday with a top three of Ohio State, LSU and Alabama. It matched exactly the top three produced by the esteemed CFP ranking committee. My theory held true that the love affair the USA Today voting coaches have long had with Alabama would not pass muster under closer scrutiny. The coaches’ still have Alabama at No.1 despite the fact the Tide has defeated one team with a winning record (Texas A&M). The CFP committee didn’t just put Alabama at No. 3--it issued a warning. It basically said beat LSU “or else.” It cut-blocked any notion the Crimson Tide could make the four-team playoff without winning the SEC South Division. Too bad, given that’s been Alabama’s pole position for two previous title runs under Nick Saban. Check back next week for our next look at next week’s predictable rankings. Anyone else miss the BCS?

1: Ohio State (8-0): Band also voted No.1 for their “overall consistent dominant playing in the key of C major.” (1)

2: LSU (8-0): Will protect calls from being stolen by having Orgeron scream plays using his regular speaking voice. (2)

3: Alabama (8-0): Huge traffic jams expected for stadium escort of most powerful man in state on Saturday. Trump also coming. (3)

4: Clemson (9-0): Dabo says it’s not his fault the ACC is weaker this year than the coffee at the Greenville Piggly Wiggly. (4)

5: Penn State (8-0): Nits told be very wary of “trick” plays in advance of visit to school of 10,000 fakes. (5)

6: Oregon (8-1): Most impressive takeaway from road win at USC: That pop-up sideline port-a-potty for Duck players. (8)

7: Georgia (7-1): Truth be told: having the worst loss among the first-week playoff contenders offset by having the best mascot. (9)

8: Utah (8-1): Committee chair refused to answer questions as to whether Utah was the “Jan Brady” of the first ranking. (7)

9: Oklahoma (7-1): Committee says jovial, robust and lively discussion over Sooners’ loss to Kansas State was a “real on-side kick.” (10)

10: Florida (7-2): Agree to game at “Cal” in 2027 only after climate deniers assure admin the state will still be “several feet” above sea level. (6)

11: Minnesota (8-0): Coach’s new three-year contract with $10 million buyout prompts motto change to “Row the Yacht.” (13)

12: Auburn (7-2): Sen. candidate Tuberville’s security detail for proposed visit to Iron Bowl will be led by deputy B. Fife. (11)

13: Baylor (8-0): Complaints about first ranking undercut by CFP prosecution’s star non-con witness: Stephen F. Austin. (12)

14: Michigan (7-2): If team keeps playing like this it will definitely end up in CFP’s “upper” peninsula grouping. (14)

15: Cincinnati (7-1): Committee basically said any team that scores zero while holding Ohio State to 42 is “top 20 in our book.” (NR)

16: Memphis: No. 21 in CFP matches “Do the Clam” by Elvis (1965), which peaked at No. 21 on Billboard. (NR)

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Chris Dufresne