Jason Garrett previews preseason opener versus 49ers

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett at press conference during training camp at River Ridge Fields in Oxnard, Calif.Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys coach said live action will be a chance for players to find their game legs.

In his final press conference before Thursday night’s Cowboys vs. 49ers preseason game, Dallas coach Jason Garrett gave an outline of what to expect on the field.

It’s not too clear who will and won’t play, although when asked about young players being ready, on Tuesday afternoon Garrett said it won’t just be young players who will be expected to the game situation.

Garrett indicated the emphasis will be on the effort and execution rather than specifically looking to see how particular players react to particular situations.

“You’re just trying to get everyone’s feet underneath them,” Garrett said. “We’re not going to be complicated. We’re not going to game plan for the 49ers in any phase of our team. We’ll introduce the 49ers’ scheme to our players today so they get a little bit of a preview, give them a fighting chance to play well. We’re just going to play football, run stuff that we know, run defenses we know and just see how guys respond to the game situation.”