Davis: Gase rewarded for failure in Miami with talented young QB to nurture

Adam Gase will have chance to prove mettle as quarterback whisperer with Sam Darnold after missing with Ryan Tannehill.

Fired Dolphins coach Adam Gase’s most impressive achievement so far was landing a rebound job with the Jets quicker than his former team could hire his successor.

Much to the consternation of Dolphins fans.

Specifically, that the perception of Gase as a young offensive guru persists nationally – despite so much evidence to the contrary.

For whatever reason, the national media is infatuated with the guy, which is hard to figure. He’s not charismatic.

And during his three seasons in Miami he didn’t elevate the moribund franchise one bit from the hapless Joe Philbin era.

The 2018 Dolphins produced some of the most ignominious stats in franchise history. No need to look further than their ranking of 31st in total offense and a point differential of minus-114 to see they weren’t nearly as good as their 7-9 record.

Understandable that the Jets gained a skewed perspective, considering Gase was 5-1 against them in three seasons (he was 18-24 against everyone else). They were the only team he beat on the road this past season.

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The other seven atrocities away from Hard Rock Stadium were notable for his team getting blown out or collapsing late, and in every instance being ill-prepared for the task.

So the if-you-can’t-beat-him, hire-him factor was at play here.

Gase no doubt played the injury card to the hilt in job interviews to explain his team’s shortcomings.

He also had a valuable proponent in Peyton Manning, who in the final seasons of his career in Denver helped launch Gase’s wunderkind reputation.

Whether or not Gase is the quarterback whisperer he is touted to be, he will have a chance to show it in the Meadowlands.

Sam Darnold, the third overall draft pick in 2018, went through the usual growing pains in his rookie season. But over the final four games his talent came to the forefront as he threw for six touchdowns and only one interception.

Clearly, the Jets are banking on Gase to take their franchise quarterback from promising to stardom.

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That is Gase’s reward for failure in Miami, which has to be particularly galling to Dolfans.

That the Dolphins still have an aging Ryan Tannehill on the roster and haven’t taken the first step in upgrading the most important position for the future is the final affront of the Adam Gase era in Miami.

Craig Davis has covered South Florida sports and teams, including the Dolphins, for four decades. Follow him on Twitter @CraigDavisRuns

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