WATCH: Austin Hooper will thrive in 2019 with Koetter as Offensive Coordinator

Austin Hooper will be a redzone threat for the Falcons in 2019.

Austin Hooper will have a chance to thrive in a Dirk Koetter ran offense in 2019.

Austin Hooper, the starting tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, will be able to see more passes thrown his way in 2019 with Dirk Koetter back at the helm as offensive coordinator. Hooper is coming off a banner year, tallying 71 receptions for 660 yards and 4 TDs.

Hooper was able to go to his first pro bowl in 2018 as an alternate, and with Koetter’s track record for utilizing tight ends in the redzone, Hooper will be able to keep improving his numbers in 2019.

Expect to see a heavy dose of Austin Hooper in 2019 with Koetter as offensive coordinator. Hooper will be a redzone threat for Atlanta this season, and it’s something fans everywhere should be excited about seeing this year.