WATCH: Falcons should be thankful everyday for Julio Jones

Dave Holcomb explains why the Atlanta Falcons should be very thankful to have Julio Jones.

NFL teams always have improvements to make, but as far as the possibility of adding All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, that's a "hard no" for the Atlanta Falcons. Well, at least for Julio Jones it is.

Jones told TMZ Sports that he doesn't want to see the Falcons sign or trade for Brown if he becomes available.

"Nah, man," Jones said. "We tight over here. We good over here."

On one hand, Brown is an all-world talent, and to suggest he won't make the Falcons better is insane. However, Brown's off-the-field antics, which include him going AWOL before the team's final game, an argument at practice with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and a citation for speeding 100 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, has turned off Jones on the potential to make him and Brown a 1-2 punch in Atlanta.

Jones has always appeared to be a humble, team-first guy, and that isn't Brown. For that reason, Falcons fans should be very thankful for Jones. Despite the team's struggle of getting him the ball in the end zone from 2017 to the middle of this season, he kept doing his job to the best of his ability and didn't resort to whining or complaining.

Brown has done his fair share of moaning for the ball as well.

Jones and Brown may very well be considered the best two receivers of the last five years. Brown probably has the slight edge, but he's wearing out his welcome in Pittsburgh. As for Jones, all signs point to him finishing his career in Atlanta.

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Wow, what a contrast between Jones and Brown. Kinna makes Ruth and Gehrig look like twins... lol...