WATCH: In one weekend, AAF may have already influenced NFL

In just one weekend, the Alliance of American Football may have already impacted the NFL.

The Alliance of American Football has arrived, and fans definitely noticed.

On Saturday night, the AAF debut on CBS posted better overnight television ratings than the NBA matchup between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder airing on ABC. That's quite a victory for the young football league and speaks volumes to how popular football truly is in the United States.

Fans should still temper their expectations for the league, but this was obviously a huge win for the AAF. Plus, even if it doesn't survive, the league could still impact the NFL in a positive way.

One way the AAF could influence the NFL after just one week is how they handle their replay review. During the television broadcast, the CBS broadcast took fans into the AAF replay official booth and showed their discussion of whether or not the challenged play should stand or be changed.

Watch below:

After how the NFC Championship Game ended, how the NFL handles replay and officiating will be under the microscope all offseason. Based on how fans reacted to going behind the scenes in one of the first AAF replay reviews, the NFL should look into adding transparency to their replay system.