WATCH: Madden ratings to provide extra motivation for Atlanta Falcons players

The Madden video game ratings are out, and a couple Atlanta Falcons players aren't pleased about it.

Ten years ago, Madden player ratings were debated among video game fans. In 2019, they are discussed among NFL players -- because many of the original Madden video game fans are now players in the league.

With the player ratings coming out for the Madden 2020 game this week, several Atlanta Falcons players were not pleased with their ranking.

Two players in particularly who possess reasons to be upset are second-year players Calvin Ridley and Damontae Kazee. Despite posting 821 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns as a rookie, Ridley's Madden ranking stayed the same at 79 overall.

Kazee did even worse. Despite having a share of the league lead with seven interceptions, Kazee saw his Madden rating drop from 81 last year to 79 this summer.

This may all sound trivial to an NFL fan over a certain age. At the end of the day, these rankings have absolutely no meaning.

However, they do mean something to today's players, and guys upset about their ratings should, in theory, play with a chip on their shoulder. That's a great thing for the Falcons.

No matter where it comes from, motivation is a powerful tool. The more players Atlanta has that are playing every week with something to prove, the more likely the team is going to experience success in 2019.