WATCH: Matt Ryan feels “similar” now to how he did going into 2016

Gut feelings are very important in sports—luckily for Falcons fans, Matt Ryan has a great gut feeling about this season.

Even though they fell just short of a Super Bowl win in 2016, Matt Ryan says that he feels similar about this team going into training camp as he did about the 2016 team. While the Super Bowl loss was devastating for the Falcons, let’s not allow the loss to overshadow the incredible achievements the team had in 2016 or make fans wary about the 2019 season.

In 2016, the Falcons went 11-5. They had plenty of the same players that are still on the team and if anything, have improved their offensive and defensive line this offseason. “One of the things that was unique about that team in 2016, was our offensive line was the only offensive line in the NFL that all five starters started every game throughout that season and throughout the playoff stretch,” Ryan said. Making sure that every player stays healthy this season is going to be the biggest goal.

Ryan is the franchise quarterback and team captain—by definition it is his job to motivate this team. For the upcoming season it is going to be extremely important for him to keep the energy up and maintain the feeling that they felt going into the fall of 2016. “You need to motivate through being tough and sometimes you need to put your arm around somebody and tell them they’re doing a good job and kind of encourage them,” Ryan said.

Clearly a great leader, Ryan will no doubt use his leadership skills to pave the way to a playoff run. Helping the team through this offseason period where preparation is so important will be key for the team moving forward. Hopefully for the Falcons, they will find themselves in another Super Bowl in the new year.