WATCH: NFL adds interesting wrinkle to new NFL pass interference replay rule

The new aspect of the proposed NFL pass interference rule change could benefit the Atlanta Falcons offense.

The NFL took an interesting turn with another new proposal of their pass interference replay review rule. Through a tweet released from NFL Football Operations, the league announced "all passing plays will be subject to review for pass interference" including the Hail Mary.

"The 'Hail Mary' play will be reviewed in replay consistent with the guidelines for officiating the play on the field."

This adds a really fascinating dynamic to this rule proposal. Throughout the league's history, the Hail Mary has been considered one of the most exciting plays. It's also been one of the last plays in which anything goes -- 'school-yard rules' if you will.

Referees have been very reluctant to call pass interference penalties on Hail Mary attempts because the play is a mosh pit of big humans all vying for the ball. There's lots of pushing and shoving, with not much way to regulate it.

Well, now with the pass interference replay review rule, the NFL is going to try and regulate it. The Hail May will no longer be subjected to only 'school-yard rules,' which could mean games being prolonged until the replay official deems there was no pass interference on the Hail Mary attempt.

Image being a team that thinks it just won a game because of a successful defense of a Hail Mary, only to then hear the replay official has whistled down to review the play and then deemed there was pass interference on the field? That would mean the defense would have to make one more stop from its own 2-yard line.

With this proposal, that could very well happen as early as the 2019 season.