WATCH: Roddy White gets a huge surprise from the Falcons

Former Falcon, Roddy White, is going to be a part of the Ring of Honor just four years after he retired.

The Falcons Ring of Honor is one of the highest compliments the Falcons organization can give its former players. The franchise does not retire jersey numbers, rather they induct players into this exclusive group to honor the numbers they once wore. Roddy White was selected to be the 11th member of this exclusive group. White was drafted to the Falcons in the first round of the 2005 draft and remained with the team for his entire career—not something that happens often in the “Not For Long” league. Former teammates Matt Ryan and Michael Jenkins surprised White to tell him the news.

Many former players deserve this spot in Falcons history, but White is at the top of the list. In his career with the Falcons, he was the all-time leading receiver in franchise history. He also caught 808 passes for 10,863 yards and 63 touchdowns. These are records that are still records for the franchise. He was an All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler. Clearly, this is an honor he earned.

The interesting aspect of this award is how close to White’s retirement he was chosen to be inducted. White retired in 2015 and is going to become a part of the group just four years later. Among the small group of former inductees are Deion Sanders and Mike Kenn. Sanders did not become a part of the Ring of Honor until ten years after his time with the Falcons and Kenn was not inducted until fourteen years after his time with the team. This just goes to show how incredible White was and how much he aided the organization during some of the most successful years in franchise history.

White’s induction will take on December 8thwhen the Falcons take on the Panthers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.