WATCH: Ryan and Koetter together again—a recipe for success

Matt Ryan and Dirk Koetter haven’t worked together since 2014. In that time, both have found their own success.

Dirk Koetter is back, and Matt Ryan is ready to work with his offensive coordinator again after four years. Fans are wondering if the former Tampa Bay offensive coordinator has what it takes to bring the Falcons a successful season—Ryan says he does.

Despite how poorly the Buccaneers have played in the past few years, one thing that has not suffered is their offensive line. Hopefully for the Falcons, this success will transfer. Luckily, Ryan knows how Koetter works and vice versa. During the three years the two spent together, Ryan averaged 4,642.7 passing yards, 28.7 touchdowns and 15 interceptions per year with a 94.1 passer rating, reported. In 2012, Ryan led the league in completion percentage.

The Falcons have multiple cards in their favor—with a recently improved offensive line and the addition of a familiar offensive coordinator—one that has proven he can improve a struggling offensive line and ultimately team--there is no doubt that fans will see vast improvements in Atlanta this season.

Matt Ryan definitely seems to be of the mindset that there is always room for improvement and that improvement will always come to fruition if there is discipline and hard-work involved. During training camp there is going to be nothing but hard-work, especially with the combination of Koetter and Ryan as well as a young Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary. No wonder Ryan has a gut feeling about the future success of the 2019 Falcons. Only time will tell, but there will no doubt be major surprises headed the Falcons way this coming year.

Watch the full Matt Ryan interview here.