WATCH: Should the Atlanta Falcons consider retiring Michael Vick's No. 7?

Should the Atlanta Falcons retire former quarterback Michael Vick's No. 7? digital managing editor Matthew Tabeek fields all kinds of questions from fans every week in a Q&A-styled article. This week, one fan questioned whether the Falcons should consider retiring Michael Vick's No. 7.


Travis from Newnan, GA
Hey, Beek. I have a question about Michael Vick. Do you think the Falcons will retire his jersey? In my opinion, this is long overdue, and you can make the same case for Roddy White. Do you know if the Falcons organization is considering this in the near future?

Tabeek's response: I’m not sure if you recall this, but back in June of 2017 the Falcons honored both Michael Vick and Roddy White in a special ceremony that was very much about relationships, second chances and redemption – and both players received their jerseys framed, for what it’s worth. As far as formally retiring their numbers and whether that will happen, I don’t have the answer for you on that one right now. When Falcons owner Arthur Blank was asked about the possibility that day, he said, “We have a process that we have to go through with that, and certainly, given their records as Falcons players and their careers, they would certainly be considered for that." Six Falcons players have had their jerseys retired: No. 10 Steve Bartkowski, No. 31 William Andrews, No. 57 Jeff Van Note, No. 58 Jesse Tuggle, No. 60 Tommy Nobis and No. 78 Mike Kenn.

Whether or not one believes Vick's number should be in the rafters at Mercedes Benz Stadium largely depends on how one views the quarterback. While he was a special talent and has straightened out his life, he only started five years in Atlanta, one of which he spent hurt. Also, Vick's tenure in Atlanta ended in shame when he went to jail after pleading guilty to dog fighting charges.

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