WATCH: The Atlanta Falcons 2019 Schedule has an unusual quirk

The Falcons' 2019 schedule was released on Wednesday night--the team will not see an outside game until week eleven.

The Falcons are no stranger to playing indoors--even before they had Mercedes-Benz Stadium and were still battling it out in the Georgia Dome--but this year things are different. The longest stretch the Falcons have played indoors in the Matt Ryan era was in 2011 when they played eight games straight inside. This season they're not playing outside for eleven weeks (including one bye week).

The Falcons have shown they are successful overall indoors—over six playoff seasons since 2008 the Falcons have gone 48 and 16 indoors giving them an average of .750--if equated to a sixteen game season, their record would be 12 and 4. Clearly, the Falcons have great odds at home. The team does not have to face the elements that are typically factors during the winter months nor do they have to face the pain that also comes with that territory.

Adding to the odd start to the season, the Falcons are playing eight straight out-of-division games making the second half of their season incredibly difficult. Another factor to consider is what will happen to the team once they begin to play outdoors. Since they are an NFC South team the coldest place that they could play in-division is against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium where the average low temperature in November is 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The Falcons will likely not have to take into consideration the climate during the season, but their record indoors most certainly speaks to their comfort level inside a domed stadium as well as at home.

Last season the Falcons only won three of their nine games outdoors. The 2018 season was not the shining light in Falcons history, but it is another angle to look at the inside to outside win/loss ratio for the team.