WATCH The draft class is officially SIGNED--how this will help heading into camp

Chris Lindstrom is the seventh and final player to sign with the Falcons. This will help them immensely in the offseason

The entire 2019 Falcons draft class is officially signed as of Thursday. Chris Lindstrom was the seventh and final athlete to sign a deal with the team. This will give the rookies an advantage and peace of mind going into the more difficult part of the offseason. Although this is only a formality and not a huge deal in the long-term, it is important for the rookies’ peace of mind heading into the season.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle is difficult for anyone, but especially a professional athlete. Navigating a new sleeping and eating schedule along with an entirely new practice routine takes a toll on a person—having the knowledge that a deal is signed is a slight leg up that will allow each rookie to focus on acclimating to life as a part of the organization and as a professional football player. Even though entering the NFL is extremely exciting for these seven new athletes, feeling the stress of not knowing when or on what terms a deal will be signed under can interfere with performance. Luckily, for the Falcons rookies they can head into training camp knowing that they are welcomed within the organization and will be able to smoothly transition into life with their more experienced teammates.

Lindstrom was selected 14th-overall in the 2019 NFL Draft and was one of the best offensive players that was a part of the draft a few weeks ago. All seven rookies have signed within the past two weeks which is impressive on the organizations’ part to make sure this part of the offseason is squared away.