WATCH: Vic Beasley inexcusably absent from Atlanta Falcons OTAs

OTAs are voluntary, but there's really no reason for edge rusher Vic Beasley to be absent from OTAs this week.

It's been repeated many times this week. OTAs are voluntary.

That being said, a vast majority of players attend these practices, especially players who either have something to prove and need to earn playing time or even a roster spot.

Fifth-year outside linebacker Vic Beasley falls under that category. An All-Pro season in 2016 no longer affords him the status of an elite player such as Julio Jones or Grady Jarrett, both of whom have skipped OTAs this week (and we defended their decisions to do so).

Beasley has 10 sacks in the last two seasons... combined. Last year, he also had just 20 combined tackles and eight quarterback hits. Three years ago, Beasley led the league with 15.5 sacks and posted 11 tackles for loss with 16 quarterback hits.

But instead of gaining valuable practice repetitions with his team this week, Beasley has chosen to continue working out on his own.

Making himself look worse in this situation is the fact head coach Dan Quinn said months ago that he was going to be "hands-on" with Beasley's development this offseason. Well, it now seems as though Beasley has declined his first opportunity to receive that "hands-on" treatment, which sends a bad message.

We all tend to overreact to players failing to show up to these OTAs. At the end of the day, Beasley's absence will probably have little impact on the 2019 season. However, there still isn't a good reason for him to not be there.