Who are you rooting for on NFL Divisional Weekend?

Falcon Maven Dave Holcomb asks Falcons fans what interests them about NFL divisional weekend.

The NFL playoffs continue Saturday with divisional weekend.

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In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys will visit the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints will host the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles. Then in the AFC, the Los Angeles Chargers will play the New England Patriots at Foxboro, and the Kansas City Chiefs will look to end their home playoff blues against the Indianapolis Colts.

Holcomb predicts a wild weekend and says three road teams will win -- the Chargers, Cowboys and Colts. The Falcon Maven foresees the Saints, who are 5-0 at home during the playoffs in the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era, as the only home team winning.

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You are being pretty aggressive in predicting three road team wins! But I certainly agree with you that this weekend's home teams don't represent the obstacles to winning that year's past divisional playoff home teams did. And maybe St Nick can pull off another miracle for the Eagles!



Thanks for watching! Looks like my Colts prediction is going to be wrong.