2019 SEC Media Day: Message From Coach Smart, Do More

After coming up short the last two seasons Georgia Head Coach, Kirby Smart opened the 2019 SEC Media Day by putting forth UGA's 2019 creed, Do More

The Georgia Bulldogs football program has raised the bar on itself. Just a handful of years ago the requirements for a successful season began with simply winning the SEC East, a task in which Kirby Smart and staff have accomplished the last two seasons. 

But now, the program, and it's fans, have come to expect just a bit more from their beloved football team. One thing is certain from those involved with the program and from those who cheer on the Dawgs on Saturday's in the fall, the time is now to get over the hump that has been the Alabama Crimson Tide and finally put to bed the constant "1980 must have been nice" jokes we have all grown tired of. 

However, in order to get over the Alabama hurdle, Coach Smart has challenged his players to "Do More" in order to bridge the gap between the two programs. Smart has been adamant this offseason that it's not about beating Bama, it's about doing what Georgia can do to be the best football program they can be. And in order to do so, they must do more, and this is a message we heard loud and clear from Kirby at SEC Media day. 

As Smart alludes to in that opening message, they "understand how close they've been to taking that next step" and to "bridge that gap". 

Or as Smart joked, all UGA has to do is figure out a way to take out Bama's backup quarterback. 

Junior QB Jake Fromm answers an onslaught of questions at SEC Media Day

Junior quarterback Jake Fromm relayed a similar message during his carwash through SEC Media day as well. 

Another comment from Fromm that will make Georgia fans happy is the fact that he has taken it upon himself to not just be a great player, but also impact those around him. 

This type of player-to-player impact is something that Coach Smart has alluded to all offseason as what he expects a third-year starter to bring to the table. 

Kirby Smart and his staff have placed themselves in the conversation perennially for a national championship and that's something he set out to do when taking the job at his alma mater. And if it means anything, the national media seems to be coming around on the idea that UGA is here to stay.