2019 UGA Football: Lawrence Cager looks to make an immediate impact in final season

Lawrence Cager spent the first three seasons playing for the Miami Hurricanes. Cager looks to make an impact for UGA in his final collegiate season.

Lawrence Cager was just a three-star prospect coming out of Towson, Maryland in the 2015 class. Though as a Freshman, Cager played in 11 games including 1 start for the Canes. 

Now with the dismissal of Jeremiah Holloman last month, Cager easily becomes the most experienced wideout in the room, and though they may be short on experience, the wide receiver group at Georgia is insanely talented. Cager fits in perfectly for what the Bulldogs will need this season. 


Every team in the country would love to have a Demetris Robertson, Dominick Blaylock, or even Tyler Simmons, but all three have a similar skill set and body type. However, with the loss of Holloman due to a poor decision, Cager will ultimately battle George Pickens for the big body playmaker this offense at Georgia will need this season. 

The ability to win with downright physical traits is something that Cager did on multiple occasions down at Miami, and it's something that comes naturally to him. As you will see, Cager uses his large frame to wall off defenders on routes where he doesn't exactly need elite separation because of his God-given physical traits. 

We've discussed here on The Bulldog Maven the willingness for Jake Fromm to throw the back shoulder fade, and it's something that Cager will continue to do well in Athens, as he did at Miami.

Kirby Smart spoke during the spring game about how Georgia's wide receivers will need to make plays down the field, and though it will ultimately be James Coley's responsibility to open up plays for his guys. And guess who had a hand in recruiting Cager down to The U? That's right, the former Hurricane offensive coordinator, now UGA coordinator. 

That's not even mentioning the weapon Cager will be in the redzone for this Georgia football team this season. He immediately inserts himself as one of the primary targets in scoring opportunities, along with a collection of other bigger guys on the roster. 

Here's a look at Cager's highlights from Miami last season: