2019 UGA Football: Sophomore Surge, Tyson Campbell

Tyson Campbell played a huge role in the secondary as a true freshman. After enrolling in the summer, Campbell was able to take the starting role in Week 1. He'll make an even bigger impact in 2019.

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Tyson Campbell, a former five-star cornerback, enrolled at UGA last summer. In the short amount of time, he was given to prove himself, he was able to secure the starting job by week 1. He went on to start eleven games and made an appearance in all fourteen games last season.

In 2018, Campbell accounted for forty-five tackles. He had a game-high eleven tackles against LSU.

What is going to make Tyson Campbell different in 2019 is his experience. Campbell is now one of the most experienced defensive backs on the field in terms of games started. He played 588 snaps last season, giving him the fourth most among the UGA defense.


And while we saw Campbell get picked on by SEC offenses in 2018, you could tell a huge difference in his play during the spring game. Last season, Campbell generally gave a lot of space between him and the receiver, which allowed for more completions. However, Campbell was not giving any room to the Georgia receivers and was a force in the secondary. 

Campbell sticks out among most corners across the country because of his unique size, and elite speed. He stands 6'2 185 lbs. and can run a 10.4 100 meter. His speed allows him to run with almost any receiver in the league, and his size and reach allow him to cover taller wide receivers. 

Campbell will continue to grow, work, and compete throughout the summer. He should have the starting job again in 2019. Look for Campbell to be one of the best corners in the SEC in his sophomore campaign.

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Great article, Brent. Looking forward to seeing what Campbell does this year.