2020 NFL Draft: Jake Fromm Receiving High Praise From Scouts

The 2020 NFL Draft will be here before you know it, and based on the praise Jake Fromm has received lately, he may be coming off the board early.

Jake Fromm is entering his junior season for The Georgia Bulldogs and based on the recent buzz surrounding his draft stock, it could be his last. 

The Georgia Bulldogs are (23-5) with Fromm as the starter, that's a win percentage of 82%. The only UGA Quarterback to win games at such a clip with at least a two season sample is David Greene. Greene was (42-9) as a starter for a win percentage of 82% as well. 

David Greene is rightfully mentioned in the conversation for the greatest Georgia quarterback ever. So, where might Fromm rank after what is probably his last season? Only time will tell. But there's one thing that will ultimately win him that argument for quite a long time and that's a national championship. 

As for his draft stock, scouts love Fromm's path at UGA. To see a Freshman win over an extremely talented football team and beat out the returning starter, especially one as talented as Jacob Eason. Then to follow that up with holding off, not only the highest rated quarterback prospect in school history but the highest rated player in school history in Justin Fields. 

Yeah, sure. Had Jacob Eason not torn his ACL on the first drive of the first game in 2017 maybe this story is written completely different. But the fact of the matter remains, The University of Georgia saw two, 5-star quarterbacks transfer in back-to-back seasons, and Fromm is more than standing strong. 


Draft analysts will tell you he lacks elite arm talent, and that he doesn't have prototypical NFL Size. To which I respond, does Baker Mayfield, Russel Wilson, or Drew Brees have "prototypical size"? No. But one thing they do share in common besides an incredibly accurate arm is an ability to command the huddle and operate an offense. Both of which Fromm has in bundles. 

The complexities of a collegiate defense can be somewhat limited, and Fromm is destined to face defenses that are much more difficult to predict when he does get to the NFL, but NFL people tend to believe the cerebral aspect of the game is something that Fromm will thrive in. 

According to Matt Miller, one AFC scouting director said "Mentally (Fromm) is like Andrew Luck. He doesn't wow you in practice watching him throw because he's a little small and doesn't have a huge arm, but he knows where to go with the ball and makes the right decisions. That counts for more than 4.4 speed or a cannon arm."

There's also been a lot to say about Fromm's poise. His ability to stand in the face of pressure and deliver. Sure, he came up a little short in the LSU game last season, on the road in a hostile environment, but otherwise, he's been stellar in big games while at Georgia. 

So Georgia fans, feel free to enjoy Jake Fromm this season, cause I've got a sneaky suspicion it's going to be his last. 

Here's a look at some of his best plays from last season: 

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Haha nice addition of your own tweet, Brooks! I hate to say it, but I think it's Fromm's last season as a Bulldog.