2020 UGA Recruiting: Chances of Landing Justin Flowe

Justin Flowe is the nation's top inside linebacker in the 2020 recruiting class, and UGA sits firmly in the list of potential landing spots for the phenom from Upland, California.

Justin Flowe is the nation's #1 ranked inside linebacker out of Upland, California which sits just east of Los Angeles. So, a reasonable thinker would discern that Flowe is probably looking at USC and UCLA in hopes of staying close to home. 

And I know what you're thinking, UCLA isn't the type of program to real in the nation's best. I mean, maybe the nation's tenth or eleventh best, but not #1. Well, they were well aware of this fact, even during the spring of Flowe's freshman year when UCLA gave Flowe his first offer all the way back in 2017. 

Though we've seen UCLA tumble out of Flowe's top list, USC sits firmly atop for the nation's 6th overall player in the 2020 class. Thus, making it obvious that proximity is a priority to the young man. So, how does a school like Georgia, or even Alabama for that matter, stand a chance for this 6'2 230-pound manchild out of Cali? The answer is clear, win and win big. 

UGA will have more than enough room to accommodate Mr. Flowe within its linebacking core by the fall of 2020. I mean, could you imagine he and Nakobe Dean locking down the middle of the defense for at least two seasons? UGA fans couldn't ask for anything more. The only thing is, it's going to take some serious convincing to get the young man off the trojan horse. 

Flowe is a 247sports crystal ball selection to attend USC by expert, Greg Biggins who has attained a 94% accuracy rating during his time at 247. Which, for predicting the decision-making processes of the always undecided teenager, that's rather high. 

Flowe 2

I spoke to longtime national scout Scott Kennedy about Flowe, he stated "At 6'3 and 225 pounds he has excellent size and frame already, but he has the agility of a free safety. He has an uncanny ability to find the gaps in the offensive line, but he has the instincts and discipline to read and react to shut down a play as well as destroy the offensive backfield. Terrific core strength as he changes the direction of the ball carrier when he arrives."

Back to the original question of what it will ultimately take to woo Flowe from the Trojans to the Dawgs. Again, the answer is clear in my opinion, UGA must make this recruitment process about winning. Making Flowe understand that not only has USC been down the last decade and it seems they are continuing to trend downward, but that UGA is more than on the rise. 

Not only that, the future is only getting dimmer in LA, without Flowe's full commitment to USC, they are currently ranked #57 with only 4 commits. Now, for a player of Flowe's caliber who certainly believes college football is ultimately a stepping stone to professional football, that may not be an issue. But calling light to the situation in hopes of enticing the young man to Athens couldn't hurt. 


As we have alluded to previously here on The Bulldog Maven, Kirby Smart has created successful recruiting habits by establishing relationships with these young men. Something that Clay Helton at USC can't legitimately do because he knows as well as you and I do, he's on the hot seat in LA. 

An official visit will be vital for the stud out of Upland, and if I were him, I'd come to check out that Notre Dame game September, 21st to see what football in Athens is all about.