Eye on the Rockies: Cardinals Have the Rockies Seeing Red in 2019

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The Rockies open a three-game series against the Cardinals at Coors Field on Tuesday night, looking for their first win of the season against St. Louis. They were swept in a four-game series at Busch Stadium Aug. 22-25, in the opening days of what has become the Rockies falling into the NL West basement. The Rockies have lost 17 of 20 since Aug. 19.

They also were swept by the Pirates in a four-game series at Coors Field their last homestand (Aug. 29-Sept. 1). Those two series have been factors in the Rockies 10-17 record against the NLC, their lowest winning percentage against of the three NL divisions and also the inter-league results against American League teams.

The Astros and Cardinals are the only teams the Rockies have not beaten at least once this year. They are 0-4 against both.

At the Plate

Cardinals pitchers have held the Rockies to a .185 average, second lowest among the 20 teams they have faced this year to the .137 average against the Rays. They have hit .250 or lower against seven teams.

Nolan Areando is the one Rockies player who has had success against St. Louis this year, hitting .400. No. 2 on the list is Daniel Murphy (.273), the only other Rockies player above .250. How big a challenge has St. Louis been for the Rockies? Charlie Blackmon has hit .059 against them this year.

On the Mound

Not only have the Rockies struggled to hit against the Cardinals, but they have not been able to keep the Cardinals from hitting (or scoring). The Rockies have a 7.59 ERA this year, the highest against an NL team, and third highest overall (behind the Astros and the Yankees).


The Rockies head into their final 18 regular season games with the fifth worst winning percentage in frnachise history and the second highest ERA.