Jack Etkin, Forbes.com: Machado Creates Rivalry Potential for Rockies and Padres

Tracy Ringolsby

By Jack Etkin


For the Rockies and their fans, the rivalry with the San Diego Padres has always been lackluster and uninspired compared with Colorado’s match-ups with the other clubs in the National League West. The Padres’ addition of Manny Machado should change that.

Games against the Dodgers, Giants or Diamondbacks seem to have more anticipation, more excitement, more intensity and often far more sizeable consequences compared to encounters with the Padres. The Dodgers and Giants are venerable franchises with rich histories, a big-boys-on-the-block presence and fans in the Denver area who come to Coors Field in droves to cheer them on against the Rockies.

The Diamondbacks are of similar expansion vintage to the Rockies, having entered the National League in 1998, five years after Colorado. That created a natural rivalry, particularly when the Diamondbacks bypassed the typical expansion slog to contention, loaded up with older stars like Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and Luis Gonzalez and got very good very soon. Not that they needed it, but the Rockies and their fans had more reason to want to beat the Diamondbacks.

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