Jack Etkin, Forbes.com: Rockies Face Challenge But Not An Impossible Misson

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By Jack Etkin


The math for the Rockies to reach the postseason for a franchise-record third consecutive year is daunting but doable. That’s assuming they play markedly better than they did leading to the All-Star break.

The Rockies have lost six straight games and 11 of their past 15, leaving them with a 44-45 record. They are still just 2 ½ games behind in the scramble for the second wild-card spot in the National League but in a fifth-place tie in that scrum with two other clubs within three games of them.

Major League Baseball adopted the second wild-card team in 2012. Since then four teams have advanced to the postseason with 87 wins _ the Rockies in 2017, the Giants and Mets in 2016 and the Yankees in 2015.

The 2015 Astros won 86 games and reached the postseason, and the Twins made it in 2017 with 85 victories.

Going back to when the Division Series was added in 1995, the Indians won 86 games, led the American League Central and advanced to the World Series. The Cardinals won the NL Central with a mere 83 victories in 2006 and won the Series.

The Rockies can likely put aside any notion of winning the NL West. They are 14 ½ games behind the Dodgers, who also lead the Diamondbacks by 13 ½ games and the Padres by 14 games.

Let’s assume the Rockies will need to win 86 games to have a chance at playing in October. That means they will have to go 42-31 (.575) the rest of the season. Consider that after their franchise-worst 3-12 start, the Rockies had a 40-34 record on June 20 before their current 5-11 swoon. Hence, to get from those early depths to six games above .500, the Rockies went 37-22 (.627). So, yeah, they could again find the wind at their back, blowing hard.

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