Rockies Look to Bounce Back From Woeful Homestand On Challenging Roadtrip

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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A road trip looms on the horizon for the slumping Rockies and surprisingly the change in scenery might be exactly what the team needs. The Rockies are coming off a nightmarish home stand in which they were swept by the San Francisco Giants and lost five out of seven games.

Not only did the losses pile up, but the home stand was mentally taxing. It featured lengthy weather delays, some closely contested games and a doubleheader on Monday.

“We always love playing at home. There's no doubt about that, but it's been a crazy home stand with scheduling and stuff,” said All-Star shortstop Trevor Story. “(There have been) delays and double headers and stuff like that. (We have to) get on the road and see if we can get some more wins.”

Barring injuries, it can’t get much worse for Colorado. The team has lost 11 of their last 13 games and were outscored 108-57 during that timespan. The Giants sweep of the Rockies marked just the fifth time in franchise history that the club has been swept in a four-game series at Coors Field.

Coors Field has always been unpredictable, but has typically worked to the Rockies advantage.

A long road trip that features the likes of the New York Yankees (60-33), Washington Nationals (50-43) and Cincinnati Reds (43-50) isn’t necessarily enticing but could prove beneficial.

After all, if it can’t get much worse, odds are it has to get better.

“(There are) not a lot of positives for this home stand,” Story said. “We'd like to think that we’re a tough team and we truly do believe that. We're going to lean on that the rest of the season. We're going to try to be as relentless as we can because it's not going well right now, but we feel like we're going to turn it around.”

Rockies manager Bud Black knows how much potential his roster has and hopes that the team can stay in contention long enough to take advantage of another hot streak, should it come, like the one they put together in late May and Early June. The Rockies went 11-2 during that stretch.

“We’ve got to stay close enough until we start playing better,” said Black. “If that happens, it's gonna be a good second half, but there's no doubt we have to be better on the mound and we have to get the bats going again.”

It has seemed as if the two units have been unable to sync up. The pitching has been more of a problem, but the Rockies offense hasn’t been at its best in recent weeks.

The Rockies impending road trip would be an opportune time for the team to turn it around. It certainly won't come easy against a Yankees team with the second-best record in the MLB and Nationals team currently entrenched in the NL wildcard spot.

“Hopefully (we) go out and have a winning road stand. It's been tough lately, there's no hiding behind that,” Story said. We're not playing the way we want to but, every game from here on out is crucial and that's just the facts about it.”