Stats, Inc., Says: Rockies, Red Sox On the Offensive in Month of May (and more)

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The Rockies and Red Sox have been the top two offensive teams in MLB during May.

The Rockies and Red Sox are among top teams in interleague play since start of last season.

The Rockies have either run away with wins or been shutdown in losses in May.

Charlie Blackmon has at least one run and one hit in 10 consecutive games, third longest current streak in franchise history. There hasn't been a left-handed hitter in MLB reach 11 games since Hideki Matsui of the Yankees in July 2007.

Rafel Devers of Boston and the Rockies' Nolan Arenado rank 1-2 in games with multi-hits since May 1, and Charlie Blackmon is tied with seven others for fourth.