Wednesday Recap: Rockies Swept Up in a Giants Surge at Coors Field

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The Rockies have been swept in a four-game series at home only six times (once at Mile High Stadium and five times at Coors Field) out of the 125 four-game series they have played in Colorado. They have lost three out of four 22 times, split a four-game series at home 25 times, taken three of four 53 times and swept the four-game matchup on 19 occasions.

The Giants just completed a four-game sweep of the Rockies at Coors Field. It was the sixth time the Rockies have been swept in a four-game series at home, the third time by the Giants.The Pirates, Diamondbacks and Braves each have swept a four-game series at Coors Field.

This weeks was the second four-game sweep by a visitor since the 2002 season when it happened twice. The Rockies were sept in four games by the Pirates at Coors Field Sept. 21-24, 2015.

At the Plate

Rockies rookie right-hander Peter Lambert, in his seventh big-league start, fifth at Coors Field, allowed only two runs on six hits and no walks while striking out three in six innings -- his longest at Coors Field. And he also tossed in a hit in his lone official at-bat. That leaves him with a .583 average in his seven big-league games.

On the Mound

Chad Bettis has done a solid job since moving to the bullpen, but when things go wrong they GO wrong.

Bettis gave up three runs (one earned) while retiring only two batters Wednesday against the Giants. It was the sixth time in which he has allowed at least two runs -- a total of 17 runs in six innings. That's a 22.50 ERA. In his 22 relief appearances in which he allowed one or no runs, he has a 1.97 ERA.


Mike Yastrzemski had a career in four games at Coors Field. The nephew of Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, a rookie at the age of 28, arrived at Coors Field on Monday with a .227 big-league average, and 40 strikeouts in 128 at-bats. While the Giants were sweeping the four-game series at Coors Field, Yastrzemski went 9-for-20 with two home runs, seven RBI and a .900 slugging percentage.