Foley's Home of the Irish Baseball Hall of Fame

Tracy Ringolsby

It's in the heart of Manhattan, but you feel like you are at home. Shaun Clancy, who came from Ireland with little knowledge of baseball, fell in love with the sport. It shows at Foley's, named for the late Red Foley, a long-time New York sportswriter with an emphasis on baseball. Clancy created a vision of Cooperstown in Manhattan. It houses the Irish Baseball Hall of Fame. When you walk in the front door, you feel at home, whether it's your first visit or 100th. And, if you want my recommendation, try the Shepherd's Pie, made with Shaun's mother recipe, which he brought with him when he arrived from Ireland. A little sidelight that Shaun once told me is that his father would come to the United States for part of the year and worked at Toots Shor’s. One winter, when his father came back home, Shaun was presented with a jersey, which his father explained was from one of his regular customers. "I don't know why Mr. DiMaggio he wrote his name on it, but you can still wear it.” – Tracy Ringolsby


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