Sister Remembers New Hall of Famer, The Late Roy Halladay

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By Bob Elliott

Canadian Baseball Network

One of Heather (Halladay) Basile’s best memories of her late brother, Roy Halladay, was her most recent.

And her last memory.

Heather’s brother Roy died when his ICON A5 amphibious plane Nov. 7, 2017 into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. Halladay, an Arvada native, was elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. Tuesday gaining 85.4% of the vote from 10-year members of the Baseball Writers of America Association.

* * *

Memory: Heather and husband Joe, along with children Gianna, 19 and Kate 12 went to see son Dominic, play in the USSSA All American 13U tournament in August of 2017. The tourney was staged at the ESPN complex in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando. Heather’s other daughter Ashley, 15 had gone to California on vacation.

After the team was eliminated brother, sister and children visited Universal Studios.

“As we are leaving the park my brother Roy is walking ahead with my son Dominic,” said Heather from Parker, Col. this week. “All of a sudden Roy starts speed walking. Dominic does the same to try to keep even. Then Roy takes off running. That’s always how he was ... even a walk to the car was competitive.”

The race/non-race contest went so far that Roy told nephew Dominic “Stop. We’re done. Stop, I mean it.”

“And then,” Heather said, “My brother took off running again.”

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