The Odds Are: Can Dodgers End 30-Year World Championship Drought?

Oddsmakers give Rockies a decent shot at a wild-card spot -- just one win away in latest projections.

The Dodgers haven't won a world championship since 1988. They have been to the World Series only twice in that stretch, although they have won 10 division titles. Will the Dodgers celebrate in October or be singing the Dodger Blues again?

They are No. 3 in the list of favorites, the biggest favorite among National League teams.

The oddsmakers make the Dodgers (99 1/2 wins), Braves (90 1/2) and Cubs (86 1/2) the favorites to win the three NL divisions with the Nationals (86 1/2) the favorite for the first NL wild-card spot and the Brewers and Phillies (both 82 1/2) tied for the second slot. The Rockies and Cardinals are both 81 1/2.

What has changed since the start of the season?

The Twins and Rangers have both gained a projected 10 wins.

The Tigers have dropped 10 wins, the Royals nine, and Mets and Blue Jays eight apiece.

Three teams have the same win projection now as they did at the start of the season? The Marlins (63½), Pirates (77½), and Giants (73½)

And the favorite to win a division has changed in the AL Central (Cleveland to Minnesota), NL East (Philadelphia to Atlanta), and NL Central (STL to Chicago

Check out the odds on winning a World Series, rated highest to lowest, and also by division:

The odds currently have the Rockies with 81 1/2 wins, which is 18 games behind the Dodgers, but the Rockies are the only NL West team other than the Dodgers with odds for a non-losing record.