Rockies Look to Cure Homesickness in 10 Days at Coors Field

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Okay, the Rockies are 13-15 on the road this year.

Not great, but given their road struggles over the years it's not frightening.

What's frightening?

The Rockies open a three-game series with the Orioles on Friday night at Coors Field -- the first game in what will be a 10-game homestand -- and the Rockies are only 9-11 at Coors Field this year.

Blame the pitching. Blame the hitting. Blame the roster makeup. Blame the weather.

But here's the bottom line, a key to success for any team, particularly the Rockies, comes down to defending the home field. The Rockies have advanced to the post-season five times, and in those five years they have had five of the top 11 Coors Field records in franchise history -- 2009 (51-30, .630), 2007 (51-31, .622), 1995 (44-28, .611), 2018 (47-34, .580) and 2017 (46-35, .568).

This year? Well, it's early, but right now the Rockies .450 winning percentage at Coors Field would rank as the third worst in the 25-year existence of Coors Field. And that 6.49 ERA so far this season at home? Only once have the Rockies finished a season with a higher ERA at Coors -- 7.11 in 1999, when they finished 28 games out of first place in the NL West. Only twice have they been farther removed from the top of the division -- the original season of 1993 (37 games) and 2012 (30 games).

The offense, however, is not blameless. The .284 home-field batting average might not seem bad for most teams, but only twice have the Rockies finished a season with a lower batting average at Coors Field -- 2011 (73-89) and 2008 (75-88).

The top-of-the-lineup guys have enjoyed their time at home, but it's the support group that has struggled. Of the 14 position players with at least 10 at-bats at Coors Field this season, seven are hitting .250 or lower -- four .200 or lower. All 14 have more strikeouts than walks.

They have won only three of their seven home series so far, and were swept in two of them -- the Dodgers April 5-7 (0-3) and Braves in a rain-shortened two-game visit April 8-10 (0-2).