WATCH: Joe Douglas believes Jets roster has 'a lot of exciting pieces'

The new GM of the Jets is determined to bring the franchise back to glory

The Joe Douglas era is officially underway. The Jets held an introductory press conference for the new GM on Tuesday. 

Here's a sampling of what Douglas had to say during his first day on the job.

On how Christopher Johnson and Adam Gase sold him on the Jets:

"I was able to spend a lot of time with Christopher. Just being with him, seeing his passion for this team, his authenticity, his genuine nature, and having known Adam before, it just seemed like this is a great fit, this is going to be a great fit for us."

On how important resiliency was for the Super Bowl squads he was a part of:  

"The common denominator was all three of those teams had an opportunity to wilt, to just pack up and go home. But the bond and the brotherhood that they all shared, it just pushed them to greater heights. So the ability to overcome adversity, that's definitely a common denominator."

On the comparisons between Sam Darnold and Carson Wentz:

"The thing I do notice about both of them is how innately competitive they are and the fire, the intensity they bring. Just having the opportunity to speak a little bit with Sam yesterday, just the energy he has, the passion he has, you can feel it and I can't wait to get to know him better."

On the overall potential of the Jets' roster: 

"It's very exciting that C.J. [Mosley]'s here, very exciting. Having been able to win a Super Bowl with KO [guard Kelechi Osemele] and having him here. And then having to be on the other sideline from a guy like Le'Veon Bell and knowing how difficult it was to stop an elite player like that. So there are some exciting pieces here."

On what Jets fans should expect from him: 

"You're getting someone that's going to be a relentless worker, that's going to try to find the right people to join this franchise, try to find competitive, tough-minded, resilient players. This is still a game of imposing your will on your opponent and we're going to try to find guys with that mentality and we're going to try to put the most competitive, passionate team on the field every Sunday and consistently compete to win championships."

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Rolando Rosa
Rolando Rosa


Douglas won the press conference. He said all the right things. Ultimately winning games will be what matters but this was a nice start.


Joe The Builder got it on 🔒


Wentz is franchise level but can't front that he's been spaghetti limbs the last two seasons. Stay healthy Sam!


Wentz has been injury prone. If Darnold stays healthy Douglas will have a franchise QB to build around.