WATCH: Jets DC Gregg Williams has the veteran savvy to overcome lack of depth at cornerback

Williams has the capability to extract the most out of the unit

Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams knows the daunting task in front of him but he's up for the challenge. 

The Jets are badly banged up at cornerback. Trumaine Johnson is week-to-week with a hamstring injury. Rookie Kyron Brown is also out with a hamstring injury. These injuries resulted in Brian Poole having to switch to the outside. 

However, the sage Williams isn't showing the least bit of concern. 

"Everything's good," Williams said to New York "This is a good group of guys, a good young group."

In addition to the current group, the Jets made an acquisition on Tuesday afternoon, signing former Lions cornerback Marcus Cooper. To create space for Cooper, tight end Nick Truesdell was waived. 

The 29-year-old veteran has recorded seven interceptions, one touchdown and two forced fumbles in his career. 

Regardless of this latest signing, Williams is steadfast that a next man up mentality is vital in the NFL. While GM Joe Douglas has proved he'll certainly scour the market, Williams is making no excuses and is of the mindset that the Jets need to make do with who they have. 

"Right now, the roster size is the biggest it's ever going to be," Williams said. "Once we get into the regular season, it's about playing the guys you have. I've been doing that for 40 years, so that's how it is."

In Williams' system, it's a requirement for players to learn multiple positions. Williams views this approach as a means to internally combat the inevitable injuries bound to occur.  

"That's how you battle the injuries you're talking about, that's how you battle through a game and not have to change drastically within a game," Williams said to New York "Who's the next man up or the next best athlete we have to have?"

So far, Williams raves about the competitive fire exhibited from the unit.  

"These young men want to compete, whether it's an argument, whether they're playing chess or checkers in the room, anything, they want to compete," Williams said to New York Jets. com. "I'm there to pull 'em back if they go too far, that's what I'm supposed to be doing. If they won't do that, we've got the wrong people, and you can't win at this level without that kind of competition."

With four decades of experience, Williams is no stranger to adverse scenarios. The belief Williams has in his players is rightly reciprocated. Williams will shuffle the unit until he discovers the ideal combination for the regular season.   

"They understand I've been around a little while and can do a lot of different things and have seen a lot of different things," Williams said to New York

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Rolando Rosa
Rolando Rosa


Agreed. I think Williams has the track record to deserve that faith though.


Just gotta stay calm and positive. Let's go Jets!


He's not going up in public and admitting "We're screwed" lol That being said, we need to bring in help. No ways around it.


I wanna buy what Gregg is selling. I sincerely do. It's just looking really hazy right now😩


I have faith in Williams but we're super thin at CB. He's gonna have to get real imaginative.